PROSTAFF CC Wax Gold 100g

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PROSTAFF CC Wax Gold 100g

CC Wax Gold 100 g Unlike other CC WAX waxes, Car Wax Gold has been designed to make waxing a pleasure. The highest level of “premium” wax was obtained by mixing the purest Karnauby and quartz in the form of a polymer. Such a wax can be described as a hybrid – because it is a mixture of natural wax with the addition of synthetic silicon and UV absorbents. The final effect of the work of Japanese chemists can be noticed during the waxing of the varnish. Immediately after the application of wax with a microfiber, the gloss and depth of the lacquer is visible. Lively, definitely more transparent than a mirror qualifies this wax for the title of “luxury”. Save time! – Just apply the wax microfiber attached to the wax and work in circular movements. The hydrophobic effect. Round drops of water, easily flowing off the varnish. All this thanks to the content of quartz and karnauby. The unique formula ensures excellent glassiness of the paint and what is most important: the appearance of wet paint with a beautiful depth resembling a new car bought from the living room!

– Water-repellent finish (circular drops of water)
– Facilitates humidification
– Prevents re-sticking of dirt
– Suitable for all types of varnishes
– Simple to use
– Includes UV absorbents
– Extracts the depth of the varnish
– It contains quartz in the form of polymer – the main component of coatings
CC Wax Gold 100 g A mixture of two of the purest carnauba and silicon waxes. Thanks to this, the varnish acquires depth and gloss. CC Wax Gold is the highest level of gloss and depth of varnish! Durability up to 3 months! Leaves a “wet lacquer” finish. Hydrophobicity highest in its class!

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