PROSTAFF Ore No Siro Cleaner and Coating

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PROSTAFF Ore No Siro Cleaner & Coating

Prostaff Cleaner & Coating “Ore No Siro” for light body
– the only cleaner on the market containing Quartz coating component; – cleans and protects (removes tarnish from hard water and perfectly prepares varnish for wax
– long-lasting and effective AIO-ALL IN ONE. An innovative approach to the issue of polishing paste which simultaneously leaves a waterproof finish,
– paste intended for manual removal of imperfections on the paint, including light scratches and holograms. It works extremely well with one-step refreshing of the varnish.
– leaves a very glassy varnish, full of depth, nourished as after applying a quartz coating
– Complete set
You can also apply Ore No Siro 200g to light varnishes on this product!

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